Petition to ban lawn pesticides in Greater Moncton (

Whereas the current scientific consensus is that common lawn chemicals create significant human health risks and pose a threat to our eco-systems;

Whereas The Canadian Federal Government Standing Committee on the Environment has concluded that chemical 'pesticides pose a threat to human health and to the environment', have been linked to different forms of cancer, and 'should be weeded out to protect our children';

Whereas there are now 80+ municipalities in Canada ( like Halifax & Shediac ) who have implemented total bans on synthetic lawn chemicals;

Whereas partial solutions that allow continued & widespread use of lawn chemicals will not adequately protect children or adults from the dangers of synthetic herbicides & pesticides;

I, the undersigned, petition you, as municipal councilors for Dieppe, Moncton & Riverview, to implement a total ban on synthetic pesticides & herbicides.


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